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Kerikeri Road Chiropractic | About Us

Dr Brian Lonsdale has been practising Chiropractic for 40 years in Australia, England, Ireland and back home in New Zealand since 2003.

At Kerikeri Road Chiropractic our approach is simple. Posture is the window to the spine. The spine protects your nervous system which controls and affects every aspect of your health. Our intent is to improve yours!

People come to our practice for many reasons, including:

  • Pain relief
  • To correct/prevent spinal degeneration and misalignment
  • To improve performance
  • To increase mobility and function
  • To maintain improvements/correction
  • To achieve optimal health and wellness potential

During their care, chiropractic patients report better sleep, better energy levels, reduced stress, improved digestion and bowel elimination, and increased mobility.

Recent comments from our patients at Kerikeri Road Chiropractic include:

“I’m feeling better than ever before! I’m walking without a limp and sleeping better.”
“I’ve lost my chest pain and feel rejuvenated!”
“I’m pain-free for the first time – I had forgotten what that’s like!”
“I can walk further, up and down stairs with no struggle – and can even do gardening again.”
“Getting an adjustment is the best part of my day!”

Our Goal at Kerikeri Road Chiropractic

At Kerikeri Road Chiropractic, our goal is to educate and adjust our patients, to help them achieve the highest levels of health they can.

Why not contact your Kerikeri Road Chiropractor and take the first step towards better health!