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Kerikeri Chiropractor :: Dr. Brian V. Lonsdale

At 18 years of age I decided to go to Chiropractic College in Canada, even though I had never seen a Chiropractor or been adjusted before!

Kerikeri Road Chiropractic Dr. Brian Lonsdale and his family

Kerikeri Road Chiropractic Dr. Brian Lonsdale and his family.

A friend of the family, Dr Brian O’Hagan – a Wellington chiropractor, explained to me that every part of your body needs a nerve supply, without which it could not function properly – the bones of the spine being the main cause of nerve interference. It made absolute sense to me and, after pestering him for six months with every question I could think of, I decided that I wanted to become a chiropractor.

Over 40 years later I am still a chiropractor because I still find that to be true.

Having worked in the UK, Australia and NZ, I have encountered so many people who through chiropractic have been able to experience significant – even life-changing – improvement with their health, outlook and well-being.

Away from Practice

After marrying Jo – a Rotorua girl – we left Australia and returned to have our family here. My wife works along with me in our practice as a Chiropractic Assistant, and our children have been benefiting from chiropractic care ever since they were born.

On the weekends we enjoy fishing or golfing as a family.

At Kerikeri Road Chiropractic

We also have the pleasure of practising chiropractic at Kerikeri Road Chiropractic – a local landmark building long associated with healthcare services  and  Dr Wally Robb who practiced here in Kerikeri for many years.

Sickness Care – Wellness Care

One of the greatest (and most frustrating) challenges in practising is helping people to understand the difference between Sickness Care (drugs/surgery/symptom relief) and Wellness Care (remove the underlying cause of your problem and allow your body to function at its optimal level – or even better, prevent the problem occurring in the first place!) Hence the families and children you will see visiting Kerikeri Road Chiropractic as part of their health care.

Although more and more people are choosing Wellness Care for themselves and their loved ones, often we find some who have a “Take a Pill – Quick Fix” approach to healthcare. This may seem to work in the short-term (ie: panadol gets rid of a headache) but is dangerous in the long-term as drugs mask the symptoms, while the cause of the problem remains untreated (ie: you don’t get a headache because the body has run out of panadol and just needs some more).

Helping Kerikeri, Pahia, Mongonui and the Far North

It is always rewarding helping people in the community to understand their body function and get great results from their care. At Kerikeri Road Chiropractic, we believe our patients are entitled to make informed decisions about their bodies – and so we offer full exploration and explanation before care is started. You will spend enough time  with Dr Brian to know before  your first adjustment that this is the start to a better spine and health

Why not join the millions of people worldwide who already know the benefit of chiropractic care?

If you wish to receive modern chiropractic care in a friendly and relaxed environment, or simply wish to have your questions answered, we would consider it a privilege to introduce Chiropractic to you! Call today.